Have you ever been in a situation while at home or outside when you have felt nervous, nauseous, breathless, sweaty and faint? These might seem like typical symptoms of a heart attack but in reality nearly 30% of people across the world suffer from these symptoms every day and these are known as panic attacks. If you are pregnant and you have experienced one or many of these symptoms then you can be sure that you are also one of the many women who have lived with panic attacks during pregnancy and after childbirth – panic attacks are present only during while carrying the child and few months after its birth and are thus referred to as pregnancy panic attacks. Pregnancy panic attacks are caused by the mind perceiving a fairly innocuous problem as high threat and potential danger situation. Most women tend to be natural worriers and some of them more than others. When they are pregnant thoughts about childbirth, child’s health and a host of other situations play in their heads and these manifest first as increased stress levels which then leads to a pregnancy panic attack.

Pregnancy panic attacks are triggered by the mind due to a stimulus from the outside world. The fight/flight stimulus sets off these attacks which result in an increase of anxiety to intolerable levels while under the effects of these pregnancy panic attacks. Many sufferers tend to become reclusive in the hope that they can avoid these anxiety spells that are caused during these pregnancy panic attacks. But in the case of pregnant women it is not just about controlling these attacks – one must also remember the effect of these pregnancy panic attacks on the unborn child. Therefore it is important to treat pregnancy panic attacks in anxious women at the onset without delay.

Remedies and Treatments for Panic attacks during pregnancy

If you have just started experiencing symptoms of a pregnancy panic attacks then the usual round of recommendations to eat healthy, exercise more, meditate and talk about your fears will certainly reach your ears. These given remedies tend to provide the required immediate control and relief from pregnancy panic attacks especially when you are alone and in a situation where you cannot reach out for help. While these remedies and treatments might provide the required relief for a short period of time, over the long run it has been noticed that mere lifestyle changes do not put an end to pregnancy panic attacks. Pregnancy panic attacksare more crucial to cure rather than superficially control because of the adverse effects it can have on the child.

Medication for pregnancy panic attacks

Many suffers tend to resort to medication either off-the-counter or under doctor’s prescription to ward off the anxiety and stress that causes these pregnancy panic attacks. The real root cause of the problem never gets treated so there is always a chance that you might have another pregnancy panic attack if you do not have your medication at hand.

One Move method to counter pregnancy panic attacks

If medication and remedial therapy has not helped you get the desired relief from pregnancy panic attacks then it might prove useful to try out another method that is becoming popular known as the One Move Method. This is a form of self-help therapy that is prescribed by Dr. Joe Barry. The method aims at getting rid of the root cause of your anxiety related problems thus eliminating the primary factor that causes pregnancy panic attacks.

It is an advanced cognitive technique that is developed on the purports of traditional psychology. This method of therapy can be used by pregnancy panic attack suffers regardless of the period for which anxiety has been present. It is easy to follow and also does not advocate any major lifestyle changes. You do not need to follow a lengthy and cumbersome step by step programme or chant affirmations to yourself in order to see results from this method. If you are suffering from pregnancy panic attacksthen you should definitely consider using this method to bring about a more long term relief from your anxiety bouts.

For treating Pregnancy Panic Attacks Dr Joe Barry’s book details on how to master this One-move technique. This technique talks about focussing the mind away from the cause of fear and refocus it. As simple as it might sound, it is technique that needs practice to be mastered. This technique when regularly practiced becomes a habit and pregnancy panic attacks sufferers have been able to control their occurrences within seconds. Dr Joe Barry recommends pregnant women to try this method as opposed to opting for medication and other remedial solutions. It is always recommended to try a non-medication solution to curb pregnancy panic attacks.

This method brings about remedial changes in the approach and attitude towards a pregnancy panic attack. A pregnancy panic attack can occur at any time, while driving your car, when shopping in a mall, while walking down the street or even when you are alone at home. When you have pregnancy panic attacks there is an adverse effects on the child due to these prolonged attacks can be avoided by just trying out this therapeutic method. The simplicity of this method helps you practice and use it at any time and in any situation that you might be in due to your pregnancy panic attack. It is important to remember that knowing a useful method like this might just protect your child’s health when you are experiencing a pregnancy panic attack

Panicaway, till date, has helped nearly 95% of the individuals who have tried the technique. The one important point that is advocated by Panicaway is that it should be practiced regularly so that one can gain mastery over the technique will always help bring in control and focus during a pregnancy panic attack. This small investment into training yourself in the technique will most certainly help bring about relief from the symptoms of pregnancy panic attacks that have been plaguing your thoughts. With a clear and happy mind you are more likely to have a comfortable pregnancy without the added worry of having an episode of pregnancy panic attack.